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Narváez Family Crest

This is exciting for me because it is my first SkillShare class! So here it goes.

My family is from Ecuador, specifically from the city of Cuenca. Luckily for me, this alone gave me a ton to work with in terms of culture, color, representations, symbols, etc. 

While a lot of my design pulls from the culture of Ecuador, there's a small bit that is a part of my family specifically. "Mamita Jesus" is what my entire family (which is quite large, whatever you're thinking large is: triple it) calls my grandmother. She is the head of our family and is the center piece of us all. 

Specifically in Cuenca, there's native people we call Chola Cuencanas and to keep it simple, they wear very specific, traditional clothing. The women wear these amazing, embelished, colorful skirts which is where I pulled the edge of the emblem frame from (orange with yellow flowers). The women also wear a specific kind of hat on top of their long braided hair, which my grandmother also has. So I decided to put that at the center of my emblem.

The laurel is a little different, while I wanted to keep it floral, I didn't want to use the same leaf I've seen before. So I decided to go with roses which are one of Ecuador's biggest exports and I always think of Ecuador when I see roses.

I pulled the colors from a specific fabric from Ecuador, which is tough to do because there were so many intricately colored fabrics that I have from Ecuador that it was hard to pick one. But I think I made the right choice, I wanted something a tiny bit muted but also that pulled some colors one thinks of when they think of Ecuador's flag. 

I kept family in Spanish for, well, obvious reasons :)

Here is some of my progress along the way! Hope you enjoy it! Also, don't mind my stuff everywhere in the photo ;)










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