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Narrative, target audience, initial sketches


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1. NARRATIVE – The biggest inspirations for me from a footwear standpoint have been the Nike Mag and the Air Yeezy 2. I know that those are popular sneakers and that’s nothing new, but my love for them caused me to think about how I could also make a futuristic-looking shoe. I took into account all of the futuristic things I love. Star Wars, Back to the Future, Apple products and the cartoon series Batman Beyond were among the chief influences. I wanted to create something that a soldier or perhaps a fighter pilot would wear 50 years from now. I’m a big fan of high fashion sneakers and want to incorporate the same sort of textures used in many different high fashion brands’ shoes, to give it that premium feel.

Here is my inspiration board:

2. TARGET AUDIENCE - My target audience is the young, fashion-forward, hypebeast community. I chose this audience because it’s the type of person I know best, the type of person that I am myself. We are a new generation of young visionaries, to whom music, fashion and art blend together seamlessly. To be more specific:
a. Born after 1985
b. Male
c. Knowledge of popular culture and prevailing trends
d. Knowledge of social media
e. Strong sense of individuality
f. Strong sense of style
g. No geographic limitations, no racial or ethnic limitations

3. INITIAL SKETCHES – From a design standpoint, as you can see, there are a lot of straight lines and it doesn’t look much like any traditional sneaker. I really wanted to use all of my imagination and make it look as “out there” as I possibly could, but not just for the sake of making something different. Nearly every element on the shoe is there because it was inspired by something in my board, but I still tried to design it to look like one cohesive piece. Check out the initial sketches: 


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