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Narrative Travel Writing: Capturing a Sense of Place

Hi there everyone. I just uploaded my first Skillshare class last Friday and am very much looking forward to seeing it reach far and wide.

My class teaches students how to really get beneath the skin of a place and have the reader right there with them when they write. Students are also encouraged to get out and about. It's a very immersive class.

So far, after 5 days, I'm on 54 students enrolled. Many of these came off the back of me sending out an email on a journalists forum that I'm part of, and others came via a Facebook post. Maybe ten or 15 I have no idea where they came from. I've just sent a link in a newsletter to some "fans" of my blog, and have also emailed some family members to ask them to enroll and give me a good review.

Also posted on Twitter, but this doesn't seem to have yielded anything. . .

I've added a link to the intro video and a button to sign up to Skillshare on my website too, which can be found here:

As for anyone reading this, you can find my class here:

More to come soon. . .

Feedback and constructive criticism very welcome :)


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