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The Chronicles of Narnia has been my favorite set of books since I was a child. I still cycle through them ever so often. Eventually, it would be awesome to do a letter for each book in the series, but for now I'm sticking to "L" for Lewis. 

Here's my brainstorming:

So far what sticks out the most:

Aslan, Jadis (The White Witch), lamp post, wardrobe, Susan, Peter, Lucy & Edmond, Always winter never Christmas & the idea of remembering when it was spring. 

Sketch #1:

The idea is to make the thick L look like the warddrobe in some way. When I picture the wardrobe to Narnia, I imagine, thick, heavy, intricately detailed wood. I would want to make the lamppost look like it's carvedinto the L. This is a very rough sketch--I'd probably find a better way to include a crown.

Sketch #2


This has the most potential for me thus far. I was imagining a story-book esque letter. Or "fairy tale lettering" if that's a thing. I'm still imagining the dark, heavy wood of the wardrobe to be the "frame" with the lamppost on one side, and the White Witch's castle on the other. The L would be ornate and covered in a flourishing vine at the top to represent when it was spring in Narnia. The flourishing vine would turn into icicles halfway down the L, and the bottom of the L will look like drifts of snow to represent what narnia is like now. Behind the L I would like to do something with an image of Aslan, or a map of narnia as I imagaine it. I'm the most excited about this idea. 

Sketch #3 

An idea for an L. I may try to use something like this in Sketch #2.

That's it for now!


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