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Nares Tilt

For this project (my very first one) I wanted to follow Jenn's advice and go with a font that felt natural and familiar and I decided to go with the way I usually write (or try to right when I am not in a hurry) nothing fancy, but I still wanted to give little details here and there. I want to maintain a hand-written look so some of the lines are not completely straight and the curves are not perfectly shaped either. Sometime ago I had bought some wide-tip pens and this is what I used for this project.

Here there is a set of caps:

and this is the set for lower case letters and numbers:

One thing I had some trouble with was the grid from my paper. It is very dark so when I picked it with my eyedropper when adjusting the levels it did not go away (like in the video) so my clean up time before transfering to Ai was increased by A LOT. That was not really a bad thing as it forced me to pay more attention to detail on each individual letter. Here is a peek of what it looks like in Ai right before exporting to Glyphs:

Unfortunately I have not bought the glyphs app just yet, so for now I will vectorize my lower case letters and my numbers, and hopefully soon I will see my font come alive! Thank you Jenn for such and inspiring and helpful video.


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