Nap Away!

Elevator pitch:

Are you one of those who’s nodding off on the subway or you are just someone who wants to use little pieces of time between stops to catch up on some reading? Sheeeeet! When you look up and wipe off your drool, your stop has just passed. It is annoying that you have to re-take another train and get to your destination and lost the power nap that you need to booze your day.

First of all, the concept of the app will be synchronized with Shanghai subway map, with 16 different lines in total. The user can set the departure location and destination location upon getting on the train. Here’s a split of the app. In one way, the app can be intuitive in terms of movement detection. It calculates the total distance between spot A to spot B, then estimate in order to alert users when train is about 300-500 meters  (rough estimation) away from the destination. However, this approach might provide inaccurate information if the movement detection is not sensitive enough. Another way to design this app, if it is possible to synchronize or get online with the SH subway authorities and have their system to signalize the app station the user is currently at. Then, the app can alert the user precisely a stop before the destination.


I am a daily 9-5 commuter like everyone else and one time I saw several people nod off on the train and wonder "what if they miss their stop?". "An app can help with that!" I think to myself. Later, I look up on the internet and found out an similar app is already created in NYC. Based on reviews, it still has several things to be fixed in term of time accuracy. I recently plan to move to Shanghai so I am using SH as my location for this app. Also want to create a more interesting approach of alarm system for this app. 


1. Detect your current location with GPS and alert the user when s/he approaches the destination

2. Methods of Alarm:  a.) Preferred music from users’ playlist b.) Mobile vibrate c.)Connectivity with surrounding users who also have downloaded the app

3. Synchronization of  destination search functionality with the traditional subway app

Work in progress..I am still debating the app name (nano-nap, micro-nap, power-nap,etc). I encountered this article about all types of naps with different time length and what kind of benefits contribute to human bodies. 

The logos on the top left indicate “methods of alarm” & “my favorite route”; the logos on the top right indicate “map” & “search”.

Feature#1: Search departure & destinations from map

This is the search page. The map presented (left) is meant to be interactive with passengers. Users can zoom in the map in order to choose the destination stop and fill in “From” and “To” columns.

The design (right) is more straightforward and relies on keyboard. It is a bit boring, but also presents itself as a more clean design. 

Feature #2: Methods of alarm: music, peer, mobile vibrate

I don’t want to go with the traditional approach that users can only be woken up by cell phone vibration. Plus, I think there is the risk that users deep in sleep still pass the stop despite the vibration alert. Therefore, I come up with another 2 approaches: music (audio alert) & peer effort. The music is very self-explanatory. Users can set up a song to start playing when their stop approaches, best in picking more pump up songs. The peer effort is actually inspired by another similar app from Japan. The app in Japan assist users to tilt their heads up if they fall asleep and accidentally nod off on the person’s shoulder next to the user.  This design is due to Japanese people’s characteristics as shy, polite and calm. I however want to initiate the connectivity among people, under the condition that this app is widely used/downloaded. If the user set up the alarm to peer effort mode, anyone who install this app can be notified by the system and have the choice to “give the person a shout” when his/her destination approaches (obviously when the shouter is not dozing off on the subway). 

 Approaching your destination! 


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