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Nantucket-Keep it Local - student project

Nantucket-Keep it Local - image 1 - student project

On my blog, I write about different ways you can incorporate ideas for eco-friendly living into your lifestyle.  A piece of that is sustainable ideas/finds for keeping it local when you are traveling. I would like to make a map of the different places you can find that concept on Nantucket.  The island has made a huge effort in recent years to have tourists take advantage of all it has to naturally offer, and i'd like to help promote the idea. I am excited to try and  incorporate this concept into maps of all the cities I feature in the future.  

Why Am I the Expert:

For the last 20 years, I have spent part of every year on the island and I am fascinated by island living and how year round residents make it work for them. To see the population of Nantucket pull together and try and make the island more sustainable with everything from a trash dump and recycling program that is a model for others around the country to the support farms, fishermen and artists get from the Chamber of Commerce is really something that interests me.  I've been writing about eco friendly ideas for the past 2 years, and involved in sustainable renovation and design for a few years before I started writing. 

Who Is The Target:

Green With Renvy readers and anyone who is interested in reducing their carbon footprint in the areas that I've been lucky enough to travel to.

Printed or Digital

I'd like it to be digital so I can use it on line.

Level of Detail:

This is an area I'd love feedback from all of you.  I'm thinking a general map, because anyone travelling to the area would do more research than what I will be offering.  My hope is that this will get them thinking about ideas to keep their dollars in the local economy, which in turn benefits the local residents.  I love collecting paper memories when I travel, as well as making multi media collages, so maybe this will get my creative juices flowing and I can incorporate those ideas in some way.

Can't wait to see where this takes all of us!

PS-I am also interested in talking to other bloggers about collaborating

Alison Abbott

owner Alison Abbott Design