Nandhini Saripalli | Self Growth & Self Care

Nandhini Saripalli | Self Growth & Self Care - student project

Hey guys! I am a Chess player/Coach & Streamer. I have about 3.5k Subs on my "CHESSPOD" YT channel & I post instructive chess videos there. But today I wanna share with you about my second channel that's from a completely different niche. I started this Youtube Channel last year. I focus on Productivity, Self Growth & Care, and Health & fitness. I believe my videos provide good value to my viewers. I am on my own path to self growth & discovery & I try to share various things I am learning on this path.

I hope to inspire people throughout this journey to become the best versions of themselves. Join me on my journey here!

Nandhini Saripalli

Chess Coach, Youtuber, Streamer