Nancy (Protagonist)

       Good girl Nancy Arlyn Clair Nicholds burst out of her confined, tight, shell one dark, summer night in the harbor of Ontario Canada.  Her two co workers Milly and Geri accompanied her to the docks late that night.  The wind blew the wavy late forty hair styles, tight skirts, and plain dressy blouses came open exposing their breasts just enough.  “Their they are,” they all squealed quietly at once. Giggling, Nancy dreamily looked up at Bill, who was grinning like a Cheshire cat, replied “yesss…the bell bottom trousers, coat of navy-blue boys, aren’t they just so handsome.” Their eyes locked together as they caught each other’s attention. The Navy ships pulled along the shoreline, as the sailors jumped out tying up to the dock. Bill looking like he owned the place, struts off the ship, right over to beautiful, young, innocent Nancy.  He had his guitar swung over his shoulder. Looking like Elvis in a Navy Sailor suit.  He was gorgeous. But something was off?