Naming my brand

I am really struggling with my brand name. It is not a few days, there is months. I even asked in some groups, what they think of my names. 
I want to sell printables (games, illustrations, calendars, planners, art) and maybe later printed and crafted things. Oriented more on kids, but also stuff for adults. I want their day be motivated, organized, colored, fun, positive and creative. Currently thinking of blog and, of course, name, that will represents me, my business, mood and which I like by myself. I added extra column for my opinion. 
I like foxes. A lot. And poppies. A lot.  And I loved my maid's name Eichenberg (from German means Oakhill)
My name is challenging for non english, tried to make something from it. I wish I was Lola or Matilda or Sophia, but my name is Baiba and I turned it to Bybee

First of my names was fox themed, but there are many foxes already, have a look on them: 

Fox out of box

Very foxy printables

Teal fox

Happy fox fingers  (I personally loved this one, but friends said, that is more on massage and R rated content rather than kids and papers and arts)


Absolute fox

Fabulous by Bybee


Eichenberg's designs


And I am not sure about new ideas.  Vroom the day and Bybees art are my favs. Need to settle down the ideas and see, how it goes. I am open to any other ideas and suggestions. 

Thanks for reading. Have a great day! 


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