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Nameless is a modern street clothing store located on Depot Road in the historic Sugar Mill town of Waipahu - the West Side of Oahu. 

Nameless was created as a result of the Global Financial Crisis of 2008. During that time, the owner's previous non-retail business struggled to stay afloat and creditors were calling. One year later, the company was dissolved. Despite having no income, he was still responsible for paying rent on the office space bound to a 3-year contract. Adding to the hardship, the office was flooded in a storm months later and everything was damaged, but not the owner's spirit. 

He needed a plan to pay the bills. First, he subleased half of his office space to a family member. And, since he's a member of Hawaii's DJ team Nocturnal Sound Crew, he worked DJing clubs and parties at every opportunity to make ends meet. 

One day while cleaning his garage, he rediscovered a pair of dead stock Nikes. That evening, the idea to launch a store carrying dead stock gear was put into motion. With no formal business plan, no investors nor working capital, the owner managed to build the store within three weeks fueled by passion and the drive to succeed. The store opened in 2012 to sell dead stock shoes and other clothing brands, in addition to their own signature line of t-shirts. 

N Logo Ribbon             Less is more.....

Finding the right name for the store was a challenge until the brand's creative director suggested Nameless. He did not want the brand to stick to a specific theme. The word Nameless fits the long-term vision of the brand; it allows for evolution and growth while remaining relevant in a changing society. The idea of Nameless is a tribute to the community and to the unspoken people who is building themselves for greatness. To be Nameless is to adapt and conquer your dreams. Never forget: the world is yours. NMLSWORLD.COM


  Nameless "box"


For more info go to NMLSWORLD.COM 




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