Name of the Rose, an exercising of memory


Upon hearing the words spoken in that order I found myself in a coffee shop staring at a large red rose in a thin vase placed elegantly on the table, when a red car honks loudly outside interrupting my reverie of morning like a hammer thrown into glass, shattering my focus from the flower to the sky, where i notice a brown eagle flying through storm clouds. It looks like it'll rain, but I know the sun is behind it because the cloud is dark. The trees welcome the wind, and I look for my keys eager to leave.

This was a curious project--I find that it was easier to visualize the connection between these words as a scene where they could all coexist, but I feel my logic could be rather limiting because it takes more time to connect the words in a feasible way than it is to construct a surreal story.

It was also challenging to recall the order, but I find that if you choose not to give up on memorizing the words in that order after you've heard them, follow the story as it unfolds fluidly through you, the words return to you.

Overall it's an interesting project to consider and an exercise of unlocking your imagination like a dream permits.