Namaste - student project

My sketch: I decided to use a lowercase n and e because they flowed better within this lockup. and the rounded As mimics their shapes.

Namaste - image 1 - student project


Namaste - image 2 - student project

I think I might need to reconsider the A crossbars. And I think I might try connecting the T from the lower crossbar first before the top one which would mean carrying the vertical over both. Worth looking at the options. I did try horizontal A crossbars matching the T but the diagonals look more lively.

Overall I think I need to soften the turns in the ribbon so they are more curved, less flat.

Looking forward to the next step, because I don't usually work in Photoshop so it should be fun.

Namaste - image 3 - student project

Updated lettering. I narrowed the letters and opened up the letterspacing. I condensed the A crossbars. I redid the T and overall rounded the ribbon turns. I am happier with it now and I think it is ready to go into Photoshop for finishing. Unless anyone has any suggestions. 

Here is the photoshopped version. I like it. 

Namaste - image 4 - student project

THANKS Luke Lucas for a well designed class.

Judith Mayer
Illustrator, Lettering Artist, Designer