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Nail the Ultimate Pesto from Scratch


Nail the Ultimate Pesto from Scratch

Class Description:

Explore how Chef Jess Lewis blends flavor, freshness, and a little exotic flair into every dish she touches. In this class, you’ll learn her step-by-step process for transforming, by hand, just a few ingredients into one of the most loved pasta sauces in the world as taught to her by her Sicilian Grandmother.

What you'll learn:

  • Picking the freshest ingredients and seasonal substitutions.
  • Using a mortar and pestle; it's not as time-consuming as it seems!
  • Pairing your fresh pesto with the perfect pasta, veggies, or other base.
  • Bonus! Perfect variations that add a little flair without losing that old-world taste.

*This class is perfect for beginners, experienced foodies, and chefs, or just anyone with a love of old-world cooking.

Project Title: Make Your Version of the Ultimate Pesto


While this lesson is about creating the perfect traditional pesto and a few variations, your project can either be traditional (following the recipe) or a spectacular version of your own. This assignment will teach you how to prep your ingredients in the right way for the right consistency which will lay down the more traditional foundation. Once you know how to make a pesto recipe by hand and how to pair it with the perfect vehicle, the sky's the limit with variations.


I wish we could taste all of your amazing pesto recipes but we'll have to drool over the pictures and text instead. You'll want to upload one recipe and two photos:

  • Your pesto recipe (we’ll make a handful in our test kitchen and pick a winner to be included in our upcoming cookbook*).
  • Your pesto by itself (to be critiqued for color and consistency).
  • Your finished dish with ingredient list (what kind of pasta or vehicle did you use, other items).

Video Outline:


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