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Nail Potion #9

So this is just a placeholder for now and I wanted to get my thoughts out where I can't lose them.

I just joined this class today and I'm already inspired! I've only knocked out one sketch that looks nothing like it did in my head, but I'm going to be busy this weekend coming up with ideas.

The logo is for my indie nail polish company called Nail Potion #9. My polishes are all going to be based around magic themed ideas, such as different types of potions, magical critters, etc. For example, I have one polish called Blood of Basilisk. I also plan on making a Love Potion one and one based off the idea of astral projection.

The original images I had in mind were very cutesy Bewitched style. But I'm also loving the ideas and looks of old bottle lables. Maybe I can merge the two ideas? I have a couple fonts I really like that are fun and magical looking that I'd like to explore more now that I have this class, but I'm looking forward to discovering new potential fonts.


Started a Pinterest board for inspiration here.

*edit* Ok I sketched up some quickie ideas with my new drawing tablet. 


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