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Nadia's RSS - student project

Here are my latest updates!

I've worked on the screen you would see after you signed in. The screen would appear pretty much the same, featuring the day's top stories, but you would also see how many articles in each of your categories were new/unread. There would be an indication on each article image to show you if you've read it or not to make it really easy and clear (unread articles would have a corner tab in the colour of the day you were looking at, and read articles would appear slightly greyed out). You can scroll horizontally to see more stories from that day to make the page more compact. If you click on the date tab, it will bring you to just stories from that day to make it easier to find a story from a specific day. You can also sort by date or unread articles, which would strip away all the articles you've read already.

Nadia's RSS - image 1 - student project

I've also started a mobile version, which would essentially act the same way, with the ability to sort by category, day and unread articles. Swiping to the left would allow you to scroll through the day's articles, and back and forth within the category menu as well.

Nadia's RSS - image 2 - student project

It's been hard trying to find the time to dedicate to this, but I finally found some time today :)I've fleshed out my wireframes (for desktop only at this point), but have sketches of how my mobile versions will function.

The user will be able to swipe menu that holds the categories to the right and left if they add more categories than can be shown horizontally, this will work well for smaller devices as well.

I wanted to keep things clean and easily scalable, searchable and sortable :)

Nadia's RSS - image 3 - student project

Nadia's RSS - image 4 - student project

So this has been tougher than I thought! Here's where I'm at so far, I'm not going to lie, using the grid was a challenge! I have the desktop version of the landing page for my RSS reader, and an article page.

It would automatically show you today's featured articles and then below that articles from previous days. You can sort the articles based on category, and add or remove categories and sites. Each article would display an logo image from the site it was feeding from on the uppder right hand side of it's display image. If no image, just the RSS icon would appear.

Nadia's RSS - image 5 - student project

Once into an article you can go back to the main screen, save for later, or add to your favorites. A side bar would also show other articles from the same site, if any.

Nadia's RSS - image 6 - student project

Ok so I'm a bit slow moving on this I'll admit it! I have a REALLY rough sketch going, but I know it needs a bunch more work. I wanted to get something up before the weekend! Essentially I want to make something that is easily personalized, and easlity sorted by your chosen categories. Something that makes reading the articles easy, and to be able to go between articles easily as well is also a high priority.

Nadia's RSS - image 7 - student project