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NYC to Me

What's good Skillshare fam!!  My name is Russel Helbling, but my instagram handle is @rhelbling

I am an aspiring amature photographer living in NYC that loves to capture the energy, mood and grit of my beautiful home town.  

It took me sometime to finish my project as I am still developing my style.  As you can see below, I love to shoot in the rain or just after it has rained.  NYC just looks amazing when its wet!!  Enjoy the project and let me know your thoughts.  

Give me a follow @rhelbling on instagram to see the rest of my work!!

Thanks again to itsforgotham, NYC and the Streetdreams team!



Still Life: This was a completely unplanned and random snap, I fired from the hip hoping to get a cool reflection but what I go was so much more.  


Landscape: One of my favorite spots in the city, classic and always provides inspiration!  This was shot during the @streetdreamsmag #sdwalk


Portrait: I was out shooting long exposures in the rain when this lady stopped to wait for the light.  The scene caught my eye and I took the shot.  I think I capturing the dark emotions of the city. 



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