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NYC Chinatown

My goal with this project is to reflect the culture and history of NYC's Chinatown.

'Final' Chinatown logo

Milestone 2: December 10

After discussion amongst friends, family and those that enter Chinatown on a daily basis, the two sketches that resonated strongest are reflected in the revisions below. 

As red and yellow are primary colours used in Chinese culture, I tried using different shades to emphasize parts of the logo. Fonts were chosen to imply an older look to the logo. I'm not too sure about the use of the font for the circular version. If I go with that version I will def. do some more font exploration.

Initial Sketches - NYC Chinatown

My initial drafts for Branding NYCS Chinatown. I wanted to create a logo that really reflected the motifs of chinese culture. My research revolved around Chinatown in the 1900s - the way the buildings looked, the decorations, the way signs looked. I felt it was important to include the chinese characters in the design, as an immediate reference to visitors/tourist that they were a very specific location in New York. I included New York with the idea that the logo can transcend across the other Chinatowns - Brooklyn, Queens or event out of the state, San Francisco etc. 

Logo Sketches Explained:

1. Inspired by the three things I feel strongly about Chinatown - Food, Culture, History. If I go down this route, this will be a set of three - with different Chinese characters to represent each word. 

2. Inspired by the signage I saw for restaurants and store fronts from the photos of Chinatown in the 1900s. The shape of the pagoda/gateway is used to contain the copy. 

3. Another logo reflecting motifs used in Chinese culture - gives it a historic feel

4. This logo is meant to reflect the use of Chinese rubber stamps on calligraphy paintings. The final version will look like it was stamped on.

5. The pagoda silhouetted in this picture pays homage to the lighting fixtures in Chinatown (Some of them are still up) as well as the Chinese Merchants Association located at Mott Street and Canal


This is one of the amazing photos I found of Chinatown in the 1900s

Chinatown - Mott Street 1900

More photos of New York in the 1900s-1990s:


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