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NY at night

Ok folks, so here are my photos for the class. I experimented with a YashicaFlex TLR for a few of these so the quality won't be as superb as those from a dSLR or maybe even an iPhone. I hope you all enjoy those. I also shot a few of these with Canon 6D .

Thse are from Canon 6D attached with a Sigma 50mm f1.4 lens. All are editing using Aperture 3 with VSCO Film.

20 Second Exposure     f/22     ISO 200

20 Second Exposure     f/22     ISO 200

20 Second Exposure     f/22     ISO 200

1 Second Exposure     f/2.8     ISO 200

3 Second Exposure     f/6.7     ISO 400     

30 Second Exposure     f/8     ISO 125

30 Second Exposure     f/9.5     ISO 125     

2 Second Exposure     f/2.5     ISO 125

30 Second EXposure     f/11     ISO 200

OK so these photos below are from a YashicaLFlex TLR, had a blast shoothing with this camera. Film I used was Kodak Portra 400. Enjoy :) 

10 Sencond Exposure at f/3.5

Could never go wrong with a little Bokeh 

10 Sencond Exposure at f/3.5

20 second exposure at f/11

From the iPhone using slow shutter at 15 seconds


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