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Hi, My story is simple, I was planning to visit my shy friend. He was happy to know that I was coming, but the second I told him that I want to take my wife with me he sayd the most "painful" NOOOOO i heard in my life. And it sounded like NOU becase of the distinck U at the end of his Cry. All in all, I had to come alone=)


The final project looks like this


I wanted the eyes to make a negative shaking moovement, tho emphasize, that You "really don't want to"

I wanted to Use collor, and add 2 more intermediate frames, I hope, that I will have time to finish it properly.

Thank you for the fun class=)



Finaly found the time to redo the Nooo sign. Here are my results=)

The rough scetch



I decided to make the "N" and "U" simpler.... Wrighting this, I understand, that I probably should have turned the "U" into an other "O"=)


The overall gif looks like this


In this one I added 4 additional frames 


And Mete, I really appreciated the comment, Thank you for the work and thaught you are putting into them=D


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