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NOW PUBLISHED! Let's Make Friendship Bracelets - Class 1: Easy Candy Stripe Patterns for Beginners


Hi once again, Everyone! I'm pleased to say that my class is now published. Here are the links, if you'd like to sign up. Thanks, Everyone, for all your comments and encouragement along the way!

UPDATE: Hi again Everyone! I've been working on my class since the June teach challenge, and it's now actually getting pretty close to being ready to publish. I've got the title slide ready, so I've now replaced my previous project cover photo with it. I've also added my updated class and project descriptions below. I still need to update my profile (lots of little things to remember to do!), but I'm pleased with my progress so far!


Hi Everyone! This is my first class. I was initially enrolled in the June Teach Challenge, and I made great progress on my class during June and learned a huge amount, but, as it turned out, eventually realized I wouldn't be able to finish by the deadline, so I've now joined the July Teach Challenge, and I'll just keep on going! :-)

Here are my deliverables for the different milestones, started in June, which I've been listing in this project as I get them done:

MILESTONE 1 - Deliverable: I've started my class draft.

MILESTONE 2 - Deliverable: To start, my class topic is one that falls under the Crafts category. It's how to make friendship bracelets, specifically the candy stripe pattern and variations. As for my class project, I'm cutting and pasting here what I've entered into my class draft so far:

Class Description:

In this fun class for beginners, we'll learn how to make our very own handmade friendship bracelets. This colorful folk art jewelry form originated with the indigenous cultures of Latin America (including parts of North, Central, and South America, and especially Guatemala) and is currently popular worldwide with all ages.

These simple wrist adornments in bold colors and patterns make great DIY accessories for the hippie boho chic fashion styles that are currently in vogue, and are a fun, easy and affordable way to spice up your wardrobe. These bracelets are also great crafts to make with kids.

We'll learn step by step how to make these bracelets using embroidery floss, which is inexpensive and comes in a huge variety of beautiful colors. We'll first learn one simple knot, the forward knot, and then we'll use that knot to a make a colorful 6-string friendship bracelet in the easiest beginner pattern, the candy stripe. We'll also learn several cool variations of this simple yet stylish and visually striking pattern.

I'll start with the absolute basics and cover all the steps in detail using both animated PowerPoint diagrams and physical demos, so no previous experience is necessary. Here's what we'll cover in the class:

  • Materials needed (most of which you probably already have; see list in Class Project section)
  • Measuring and folding the strings to start the bracelet
  • Making a loop for the closure
  • Attaching the strings to a clipboard or other flat surface to use as a knotting workstation
  • Making the forward knot, shown first with just 2 strings
  • Using the forward knot with all 6 strings on the clipboard, string by string, to create the bracelet
  • Making a braided tie to finish off the bracelet
  • Attaching your new bracelet to your wrist

If you're eager to join me in this exciting project for grown-ups and children alike, click the Enroll button, and let's get started!

Class Project:

For the class project, you'll pick an article of clothing or an accessory of yours that you love and make a matching friendship bracelet to go with it. You'll pick 2 to 3 colors from your item to use in your friendship bracelet, which you'll make using one of the stripe patterns we'll be learning about.

Attached Handouts (available at bottom of Class Project description):

  • Stripe-Variations.PDF - printable file showing the different 2-color and 3-color stripe patterns and how to arrange the strings to make them.

  • Ruler.PDF - printable ruler, in both inches and centimeters, that you can attach to your clipboard to measure the length of the bracelet as you're making it.

Deliverable 1:
 This one's quick and easy, so that you can get started right away!

  1. Describe and/or post a photo of your clothing item or accessory that you'd like to make a matching bracelet for.

  2. Tell us which 2 or 3 colors from your chosen item you'll be using in your bracelet.

  3. Tell us the particular 2-color or 3-color stripe pattern you wish to use to make the bracelet.

Deliverable 2: 

Post a photo of your completed bracelet next to your clothing item. You are also welcome to post photos of any of the steps in the process and any other details you'd like to include about your process if you wish.


Feel free to keep practicing the skills you've learned here by making more bracelets in different colors and stripe patterns. Also, feel free to keep updating your Class Project whenever you like by posting photos and any comments you wish to include for any extra bracelets you make.

Materials List:

  • Embroidery floss in 2 or 3 colors you'd like to use for your bracelet
  • Scissors
  • Ruler (you can also use the printable PDF file of a ruler I've provided here)
  • Clipboard (or some other flat, rigid surface along with tape or a binder clip to attach the bracelet to while you're working on it)
  • Printable PDF file of a ruler (which I've provided here) to put on the clipboard underneath the strings to measure the length of the bracelet as you're working on it.
  • Toothpick, in case you need to remove/redo any knots (which can happen occasionally)

MILESTONE 3 - Deliverable: Class Outline:

Here's the link to my original class outline. It's changed some over the course of working on the class, not so much the content itself, but how it's divided up into the different videos, to keep each video an easy-to-digest length:

MILESTONE 4 - Deliverable: Here's a sample video lesson from my class. It's the "Gather Your Materials" video/lesson. This video actually probably also counts as OPTIONAL MILESTONE 5 as well, since it's also been edited, as I recorded the audio and the screencast of the Powerpoint presentation separately and then combined them and synced them up in Camtasia Studio:

I'm noticing that when I try to play this embedded version on this page, it says that full-screen mode is disabled, so, just in case that happens when you try to view it, here's the direct link as well, in case you want the option to see it in full-screen mode:


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