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Richie Tejasen

I love writing.





Step 1 - Selecting my text

Elsa Wertman and Hamilton Greene from ‘Spoon River Anthology’ were the two characters that stuck in my head, creating their own background story that involved a mild Oedipus Complex and Westermarck Effect that resulted in a broken-hearted tale of two people who loved each other, but love differently.


I took liberty in the intepretation of Hamilton Greene's affection towards Elsa, because he sounded adamant in his identity that he took to the tombstone as portrait in the poem. Why was he so adamant?  As righteous and conservative Spoon River can be, my premise is 'what alienated people the most was not the external circumstances, but something within them.'

Step 2 - Drafting my screenplay:

1st draft, uploaded Thu 24 Jul 2014 I am a total rookie, and this was my first screenplay ever. 

2nd draft: updated Thu 31 Jul 2014

Made some changes in the dialogue to be more smooth, montages added.

Step 3 - Logline:

A woman loves a man. A man loves a woman. But they love each other differently, and he refuses to believe that she is his mother when she reveals the truth to him.


Cover Image by Vadim Stein.


Writer's Note:

THANK YOU for this class, and for everyone who's read, liked, and commented. It's been a great fun, experience, and I am hooked with screenwriting!

Insiprational music: Ne Obliviscaris' "Portal of I" and Heart's "Secret".

Hollywood Cast: Sandra Bullock or Gillian Anderson (Elsa Wertman), Tom Hiddleston (Hamilton Greene).


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