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Milestone 3

To be honest, I had NO time this week. My allergies were going crazy, too, so I didn't really want to wake up in the early morning to take pictures against a rising sun. I felt like I had a soft serve machine on my face!

So since I was so busy with work, I took some pictures there.


Does this count as sillouhette??


Somebody put this piece of paper of a picture of spaghetti (with meatballs!) on a whiteboard. I have no idea where it came from, but I laughed for about 3 minutes. Why would anyone be doing this??? Does the reflection from the window distract or help in this? I couldn't decide if it was a leading line or not. I couldn't take it straight on because then my beautiful sillouhette showed up and would be more distracting.

Cute Combustibles

This garbage can at work has always had eyes on it. I JUST LOVE THIS LITTLE MF! He looks like he has fat cheeks. I couldn't get a good shot though withouth that distracting yellow on the side and cropping it just made it look awkward like when my kids get to close too the camera.


So I went home and used food again. I thought I had a toy chick but a toy duckling is good as well. I feel like it's missing something. I mean, what is he looking at!?!?

Orbs of Loveliness

I found a bunch of round things and tried to abstract them. I feel like this might be the pollen making me sick. Or it could be planets. The big thing is really an avocado pit!

The Emperor

Finally, I took another dekopon picture. I wanted him kind of evil so I took it from the bottom and added eyebrows. I'd hate to piss him off. But it looks like he's the only sentient thing in his world. Kind of humans. 

I really enjoyed this course! I liked seeing other people's work and the comments and everything! I wish I could just do it once a week like cleaning out my wallet.

Everyone take more pictures!!!!! Don't stop! Think and do it!

Milestone 2

So I was planning on updating my project for this milestone with some re-cropped pictures that I took for milestone 1, plus some others that I had taken last weekend when it was unusually warm and I was bored at 3 am and wished I was living in the much nicer apartment building across the street where you can't hear everything that happens in every room on the floor. This morning I started taking the files I wanted off of the memory and into my computer. It said it would take 11 minutes. So I hopped in the shower, came back, saw there was a folder, and had a plesant day at work. BUT WHEN I GOT HOME THE FILES WERE NO WHERE! The only surviving Dekopon are what I submitted to project!! I'll have to do it again.

So I had no pictures to do anything with! So you get what I could take at work and after work. I also called someone up who is always putting pictures of himself on Twitter and he was kind of dumfounded by someone wanting to take pictures of him. I thought he'd like it. Anyway, I took this.


That bag he is holding was full of donuts! I liked that there were two lines on each side of the pillars. 


I tried making the lines of each side of the street converge on him. This is the best I could do before some woman from the 'massage' shop (yellow sign on the right) came out and said no cameras. I love my neighborhood.

When we crossed a bridge I stopped and took this. What makes the light do a star shape? I thought you had to have some kind of filter, but I didn't have one on. This makes my neighborhood look much more exciting. It would be perfect if something was at the end of the street. Unfortunately, it's just a beach.

Route 2

Next, at the same crosswalk from the picture above, I just set the camera on the ground and took a picture to see what would happen. LINES!!!! There wasn't really a subject though, so I put my foot down and it sort of looks like something you'd see in a print advertisement. If I were going to take them again, I would lined up the shoe and the lines on the yellow brick part so they would converge onto the shoe. I would have also not moved my foot as soon so they wouldn't be transparent in the photo.

Crosswalk 1 & 2


I took this picture this morning. I want to do something with it, but I am not sure what. The trees get in the way, I think. 


I can crop like hell and this happens. I wish the hill was bigger and less greener!

I also took this from my apartment balcony. Everyone says 'OH IT MUST BE SO NICE TO LIVE ON THE BEACH!' and it is kind of nice, but I live right by a fishing park and a city run fishing harbor. Just be glad that there is no scent on these photos.  I was thinking 'lines' again and thought that the stiff lines of the cement barriers and the jagged lines of the waves looked nice. 

Lovely Fish

Oh well, that's all for now! I can't believe I took these myself!!!! 

Milestone 1 Update

I started to take some pictures this weekend. 

Not so exciting so I went for a walk. I found this flower.

It looked *okay*. But I was supposed to be thinking about frames. So then I saw something rectangle shaped and thought 'OH LOOK A FRAME!'

A guard watching the dangerous lottery window hooked to a bank! But I needed a background. There wasn't any in this really. SO FLAT!

So I went home and threaded a string into a DEKOPON (they are the best citrus fruits in the world!) from my ceiling and took its picture.

There was a background! and a foreground! I wasn't sure if this followed any rule of thirds, but it looks like he can hover!

Wrong rule of thirds? I will take some different ones after work tomorrow.


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