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Cristina Oliver



NO litter into the sea

Hey guys,

So this is my design for this project. I haven't uploaded any sketches because I'm a lazy-ass! (not proud of it!) :P

Anyway, i'm from the little island of Mallorca, Spain, in the Mediterranean sea. We've had a lot of problems lately with all the rubbish thrown away in the sea by people, boats, etc.

I wanted to create a sign to prevent users of the beach, being pedestrians or people from boats, to throw away their stuff in the water. I've grown really tired of it this summer. 

Also we all known is a general problems everywhere and that there's even a huge island of plastics and sh** in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. 

So this is my reason: I love the sea.

Any feedback on how this could be improved is very welcome.

I have done a bit of research and haven't really found a sign specifically for this, so I was thinking even of taking it a step further and present it or propose it for actually using it in Mallorca at least....



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