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NLT - Design Engineering - SIRT Firearm Instructor



NL Performance


NLT is building an app that will facilitate the use of SIRT products by measuring performance, diagnosing errors, creating high volume sustainable drills, and generating fun and rewarding challenges.

NLT App User Profile

Who are they? Beginner to Intermediate shooters starting out in training and advanced shooters looking to hone existing skills, Personal Defense Students, LE/Military Professional Shooters, Performance Competitor Shooters

Why are they using your product? NLT App gives them a way of focused high volume dry fire training they can do anytime in their home, office, or range. Because, they are busy people that may not have easy access to the range or find practicing to be tedious.

What benefit does it have for them? No thinking or ammo required. Quick setup times and gives measurable performance results that are easy to understand and correct deficiencies quickly.

What problem is it solving for them?  Making training fun again while keeping the skills required to perform at a higher ready alert status. It gives current SIRT users more functionality and encourages the use of SIRT.

What got them to pick it up in the first place? Looking for quicker diagnostic feedback that is measurable and recorded

How did they hear about it? GOOD FREAKIN QUESTION, possibly an NRA instructor or Ad in a product review

What’s so much better about it than what they were doing before? It gets shooters training more regularly so that they feel their range time is more effective when they go. The App turns the SIRT into a real diagnostic tool without adding complicated targeting or software requirements or setup. It changes the way shooters are training in a sustainable way without any barriers.

Why are they using it instead of the competition? Whats the Competition

When do they use it? Preferably in the AM to “calibrate” their firearms skill each day

Where do they use it? At home

How long do they use it for? 5-10 min per day

How much value does it bring them? Lol RIGHT,…..!



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