Hey Guys,

Last night was a super cold night in New York--what better way to spend it than out on the water taking pictures! So, we loaded our coffee mugs, put on layers, and braved what felt like negative 2 degrees. Here are a few of the images from this shoot:

First stop was a walk along the ferry dock. There was still some damage from Hurricane Sandy on spots throughout the dock, but I thought the yellow caution tape looked cool.

ISO 100


f/4 15seconds

I wasn't sure how the lens warping worked in the photo--I kept it in instead of correcting in LR, but it would be great to hear some feedback.

ISO 100


f/4 at 5 seconds

This next picture, we took a walk to Main Street. Unfortunately, for a Saturday night there wasn't a TON of traffic, but this was my favorite light trail shot I got. I think if I had the opportunity and go back and re-take my light trail pictures I would frame these a bit differently.

iPhone 5

Slow Shutter App - 4 seconds

This portrait I wanted to take using the Slow Shutter App on the iPhone, as IMO it is SUCH  a tough app to navigate it. While I like the the lighting in this photo, looking back I'm not crazy about the tree coming out of the subjects head. Ah, well, learning experience. 


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