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NEW Watercolors-Textural Mapping.

                              I have been using water colors for a little over a decade starting in highschool.  I did my sketches and then used tracing paper to transfer them to my watercolor paper filling in by hand where it was still too light.  My style is a more detailed so I'm not quite done with these yet.  I have my BFA in fashion design so am familiar with illustration though I have only been illustrating my own designs for the past 8 years.  This is a fun excercise becasue my design work takes a lot of research and time so this is a quick way to get right into the painting...

Also i used masking fluid to keep my whites white.  And i also prefer to marker my skin not use paint.

Sketches of is of Suno looks.  I like the play on proportions, layering, and of course the pattern on pattern on pattern...

As for my inspiration photos I choose looks that reflect my interest in color, texture, pattern, and silhouette.  I am more interested in ready to wear than girly ballgowns...  I like designers such as Suno, Cynthia Rowley, Gary Graham, Proenza Schouler...etc.  I am really into print and print mixing.



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