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NEW Confettis Creations - futur personal project

I'm in the process of starting up a small business designing invitation, cards and various scrapbooking printable items.   I've been having a hard time figuring out a name, i want it to be more on the general side and i'm not sure i want the word design or papery in the name and i don't think i want my name as the name of the business either.  So anyways, at first i thought of "full of it"  but i'm not too sure about it, then i thought of "this & that".  So i'll show you what i have for both and i would really appreciate your honest opinions. Thanks!

btw, i'm not a graphic artist, a designer or an illustrator, but i'm thinking of going back to school part time in graphic design in order to get more competent at what i've discovered i like doing!

updated: last night i after reading the comments below and speaking with one of my friends i decided to change the name to something that would include my love of baking cakes and cupcakes (even though that's not what the business will be) I decided to go with "Confettis Creations" so here are my new sketches

btw, i'm still fairly new to designing and so far i've taken a few online classes but i'm looking into doing a more in depth graphic design course in the upcoming year (not just a class!)

i'm partial to #6, what do you think?

updated 04/18/2013

here are my first attempt at the logo on Illustrator. i really like the circle logo (i'm thinking stickers for packaging and stuff) but i also like the rectangular one.  Any feedback is greatly appreciated! (btw, the colors aren't quite coming out the same as in my original...)


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