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NEW CLASS! Shorty-Shorts: Design a Cartoon Character, Part 2

Just Published my 3rd Class!! Woot Woot!





                         Hello Skillshare Family! I am joining in on the July Teach Challenge!



Hello Everyone! I have just published my new class on Cartoon Character Design! You can enroll for free in the link below:




Your Class Has 25 Students

Fashion Forward Fairy Tale Characters: Create a Illustration in Paint Tool Sai

Congrats! You're the hottest thing under the sun.

Thank you all who helped me through this entire process. You are awesome!! Feel free to enroll in my class. Lets continue this journey and take it the top!!

I Look forward to checkin out all you classes when they are published!






Finished editing intro video. watch below:



Héy guys, I have officially finished my screen cast recording for the class. Now it is a matter of editing the video, narrating, and adding some step by step photos for the class project. I thought I would record the audio using my cintiq tablet, but for whatever reason the audio is has a weird crackling sound. Maybe I will be able to use my old laptop to record. Only time will tell....

On the other note, check out my harajuku Red Riding Hood!


I'm happy I redesigned her to be a halfbody shot. I really wanted to get more of her clothes and hair accessories in. In the class, I will tell you what useful tools you can use to get your desired effects. I also wanted it to look like a poloroid just for fun. Would love to know your thoughts!

Till Then, 




I have finally finished by outline which you can find below:

Class Outline!

I also decided on changing the class (and title, lol) a bit and curtailed it to creating a character that embraces a specific fashion trend. The students in my class would decide on that trend for their chosen fairy tale character. I think it will be a fun challenge for the assignment and be something a little new.

Please Feel free to leave critique and comments on the outline. At first glance, I thought it may be a little much, but I am not sure.

Anywho! Thanks for checking on this project and I look forward to  posting my first ever class!

P.S I will eventually edit the cover photo :)



I decided to narrow the class project to fairy tale characters. That way when I teach the class, the students will be able to draw their favorite character instead of figuring what to draw from an entire story. In addition, I'm trying to get my class published by this weekend. Hopefully, everything will run smooth enough for this to happen :). I've also decided to change my banner to showcase one of my more finished pieces. I think this is a little more eye catching than the last one.

I included below a video to speed drawing I did using Paint Tool Sai. Feel free to check it out!



I'd thought I would go ahead and teach a class on my method of creating illustrations through the digital art program Paint Tool Sai. I have been using the program interchangeably with Adobe Photoshop for about 3 years and thought I would share tips and tricks I've learned throughout that time. 



For the class I have in mind, I will walk you step-by-step in creating a "fairy tale classic" inspired illustration using the different tools and layer effects available in Paint Tool Sai. 

About a year ago, I created a class project that received quite a bit attention from the skillshare community in which I created an illustration based off a three little pigs/red riding hood tale. 

In that project, I showed a breakdown of my 3 stages of creating an illustration which included the following:


Using these guidelines (and some additional topics such as references and color inspiration), we are going to create an illustration based of a classic fairy tale of your choosing. I will working along side you as I create a Harajuku Inspired version of Little Red Riding Hood.




(harajuku and little red photos found from google for inspiration purposes)

Some additional Topics addressed include finding your muse, and color inspiration.

Currently I am working on my Harajuku Little Red Riding Hood. Here is a screenshot of my current process:


I am looking forward to creating my first class! Feel free to leave your thoughts about my project, I would love to hear what you think!



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