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Joaquin Chavez

Designer - NEMEAN





Slogan: N E means (Any means)

Location: San Diego, CA


The golden fur of the  Nemean lion - - the lion skin armor donned by legendary Hercules. Through epic battles the indestructable hide protected him from fatal attacks.

Nemean was founded on the belief that every individual should have at least one goal that they are committed to achieving by N.E. MEANS. Everyone needs a goal in order to inspire balance and courage in themselves. In short everyone needs a purpose. Purpose is what compels us towards greatness.

"A strong enough why can overcome NE how" 


Find the meaning behind what you do or represent, and the means will follow. It is so easy to let your ideals erode in the convenience of modern life. Nemean is a reminder to each individual to stand for something and dedicate yourself to that purpose. Determination stems from purpose.

It is this very philosophy that has made my team and me so determined in our own endeavor to make a well thought out message to help inspire and motivate.


Hey Jeff, my name is Joaquin, founder and lead designer for Nemean. First I just want to say thank you for such an awesome opportunity. Owning a brand has been a life long dream of mine. Nemean represents many years of trial and error in my quest to create an unique and meaningful brand.  For me the formula is simple. Obsession equals progression. I am obsessed with what I do because I believe in it. My story is probably not that different from many others in that I started out with high ideals and high hopes. Hopes to make some kind of difference in this society. But somewhere along the way I got sidetracked. I created Nemean to remind myself of my own ideals and goals. I would like to pass on that reminder to those who may have lost sight of their own dreams and aspirations.

Nemean is a lifestyle brand. We have designed the aesthetic of it for longevity and versatility.

Our symbol uses n e and the mathematical symbol for the mean to represent our slogan NE means and brand name Nemean. The X is also a nod to Malcolm X who first popularized the saying, "by any means necessary."

We plan to make clothing for a variety of demographics. From surf and skate to higher end street wear. Our focus is quality all the way through from the design of each piece right down to the construction and packaging of the product. We plan to use a lot of organically grown materials as well.

Jeff, this is just a glimpse into the extensive thought and effort we have put into our brand. We feel we have a complete concept. We have been through so much and learned a lot together as a team now we are ready to learn from you and the team you have assembled. Thank you again for the opportunity, hope to see you in New York.



Wordmark & Logos (including extra credit requirements): 

Smaller scale of our wordmark and logos can also be found in our collection mockups.

Mock LOOKBOOK and mock product shots:

Nemean is a lifestyle brand designed to accommodate the creative,active, and diverse
Californian culture. We are a group of creatives who find inspiration and balance through
mental and physical expression. Our clothing is a direct reflection of what we do.
Nemean appeals to both the surf and skate demographic but also to the more selective
consumer looking for exclusive garments. Our products are made from high quality
materials and are constructed with care. Nemean also appeals to the conscious
consumer as many of our shirts are made of 100% ORGANIC cotton. We are striving to
expand our use of organic materials into other products as well. The theme of our
collection is Ancient/Modern. Our aesthetic is achieved by channeling inspirations from
the past and invisioning them through a modern perspective.You can see this in not
only the branding of our wordmark and pattern but also through our message and
graphics as well.


Exclusive T-shirt:

Direct to garment tee

T-shirt Mockup #1 **(this design utilizes our WORDMARK as a pattern):

T-shirt Mockup #2 **(this design utilizes our WORDMARK as a pattern):

T-shirt Mockup #3:

Exclusive Sweater:

This crew sweatshirt will utilize the REHANCE technology and possibly a felt aplique with nXe stiched into it.

Sweater Mockup #1:

This design will most likely include a cutout felt apliques of the logo and trademark, that is also stiched onto the sweater for extra durability.

Slim sweater Mockup #2:

Detail -

This logo will most likely be embroidered in black or navy blue, we tried to capture the embroidery effect digitally.

**We plan on using specially-developed REHANCE technology for design like the t shirt and sweater mockups, the design will be in the shirt, not on the shirt. The print won't crack, fade or peel, and you won't even be able to feel it**

Ebbets Ball Cap Mockup:

Conceptualizing and drafting of our tags:

Extra Credit:



**Quick rundown on the color scheme and why we branded the car the way we did: the whole car will have a base layer of flat matte grey while our wordmark pattern will be in a flat matte black. The decals for now are just in a lighter grey that would either be a regular gloss but would most like be a matte as well. So we wanted to make sure that the branding of the car can be seen from afar and from up close. As you see that we have utilized a large decal on the roof of the car that represents our brand (a lil sneak preview of another design we are working on) in order for it to be seen from people who could be on the top floors of a skyscraper or even in a airplane or helicopter. The other branding is pretty straight forward, but we thought we should atleast convey where we were going with the roof design.

**Just a detail shot of the hood to give you a better look at the design.

**As seen above, we have utilized a rear window decal that is preforated, (we tried to capture this digitally if you look closely) this technology enables you to be able to look out but not in. Some of you may have seen this technology used with branding a vehicle around town already.

Avatar Mockups:

*Possible we will use this image on a garment at some point


The Golden Mean by NE Means

  • Philosophy:  

The brand is centered around the Greek ideal of the Golden Mean, an extremely old concept that still prevails into nearly every aspect of modern life.You can see its influence in art, architecture and nature. Leonardo Da Vinci showed with his Vitruvian man, that the golden ratio is directly linked to the proportions of the human body. so it is literally part of our makeup. Although we see this proportion commonly used in design we rarely hear about the philosophical aspect of it. I found the meaning behind the concept to be even more interesting and inspiring than just the shape itself. We wanted to bring this powerful concept back into people’s awareness because it is an important message for our times.

  • Golden Mean:

We believe that the power of human potential can be reached through balance. Between too much and not enough there is a middle point. This is the point which you are at your best without the imbalance of either side to hinder you. Take for example, courage; it is one of man’s greatest attributes. If you have an abudance of courage, recklessness is soon to follow; while a lack of courage promotes cowardliness. If you have balanced courage, however, there is nothing stopping you. 

  • Lion:

Represents the heart force that is in everyone -- an extremely powerful force. It can compel you, even in the most hopeless circumstances, to strive and progress towards greatness. But if you only have heart without the necessary balance, the lion can lose focus and be lured by a hunger for pleasure. Then it is the beast that is master over you and not the other way around.

  • Hercules:

Symbolizes the conquering of the inner lion. Hercules conquered a destructive force, the Nemean lion, and harnessed its power to help him progress through his trials. Just as Hercules used the power of the Nemean lion to aid him in his progression, so must we balance our destructive forces in order to reach our full potential.


**Update from the day after the competition started-

                The class has begun, and the three of us understand what is at stake. We have worked extremely hard to get to this point and now its beginning to feel "real." We acknowledge this is a great opportunity and we recognize that if we are to be successful in this venture we have to dedicate our whole beings to the project. With so many things to figure out, our progress at time feels slow, but we are all fully committed to progressing by N.E MEANS. Our focus and determination is steadily building into a powerfull force. We are confident our branding and message will connect with you, Jeff, because of our belief in what we are doing.

                After viewing the class material collectively, here are some of the things that were discussed and accomplished:

  • Brainstorm on where to receive legal advice. Multiple outlets were contacted and meetings have been set in order to solidify what entity our business will be (i.e. sole proprietorship, scorp, llc, etc.).
  • Located the government building that we need to visit in order to register our business in the state of California.
  • Trademarking has been already researched and we know what we have to do, however, trademarking our slogan is a different story. We are going to inquire with our legal outlets on how to go about trademarking a slogan.
  • The script design of our brand name has been finalized. Now it's time to post it up on the wall.
  • Researched online legal advice mentoring. i.e. score
  • Researched what programs to use as far as our tax filing.
  • We reviewed student submissions and have noted where each have gone right and where each have gone wrong. We feel confident that our brand is a more complete concept then any so far. However, we know that this is only a small representation of what the class could hold and we are not counting anyone out. We have not submitted an image of our brand as of yet, it will be coming soon. 
  • Our logo is very close to being finalized, we are all perfectionists and although it appears to be done, we need to make sure that any imperfections have been completely eliminated. Today we have almost achieved this.
  • There is a design that we want very badly to come into fruition, after typing this up, it is currently 1:08am, I will begin to work with a sketch that my partner has, add aesthetics and logolize it in illustrator. It is interesting to add that I had a vision come to me earlier of this completed design and it has increased my confidence that we are going to finally complete this design we have had so much trouble with in the past.

That is it for now; we have lots to get done, till the next entry.***


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