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NBA Team Icons

For a side project, I was tasked with trying to come up with simplified icons for all 30 NBA Franchises. While all of the teams have very well considered logos, the assortment of colors, styles, and level of detail varied so much. With that said, drawing from primary logos, secondary and retro sets, as well as basic imagery that loosely correlated, I pulled together a small-scale, single stroke thickness set of icons for each of the franchises. 

The goal of this project was to find a simplification of all the marks, without losing too much detail.

I can post some of the rejected attempts at some of these, but...they're pretty gnarly. Much happier with the final outputs in those instances. And I'll need a better way to present them (let me know if you have some good suggestions, Adam!) but for now here they are on a plain grey background:

And here's a link:



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