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Timothy McAuliffe

Owner @thegoldvan



NBA All-Stars Fashion Poster



Printing digitally in 18 x 24 format, possibly an all-white variant as well.

Thanks DKNG.

UPDATE #5 - Need Feedback:

Having some trouble on how to add the right "finishing touches" to this poster.


Refined all of the illustrations, added typography and background geometry. Almost there... Need to work on texture next.


Refined and colored Melo image. Next up, detail, background, textures, typography.


Refined and colored Lebron image. Lot's more work and detail to come - next up, Melo!


After witnessing all the NBA fashion do's and don'ts on All-star weekend, I decided to have some fun with the ridiculous fashion scene in the NBA right now. My poster is going to feature some of the premiere forwards in the NBA and I'm calling it "Fashion Forwards" (typography will be added later in the process). After I lock down the illustrations I really want to explore use of texture. Here's my latest progress photo. Feedback appreciated!


Instead of doing a music gig poster, I've decided to create a poster for the NBA All-Star game. I've been doing some sports-related illustration lately and really enjoy it - These are some of my recent images that are sort of propelling me towards this project idea:



I want to try a different style this time around - and I've really grown to love the minimalist-style of some of the basketball prints at (below). I want to try to find a style of my own inspired by these, perhaps a more gemotric look to my figures with a minimal color palette.


I'm also very inspired by some of these posters which combing photo-manipulation with some texture and typography to create some beautiful work (below). And I'd like to add some of these elements to my final piece (texture, typography, etc.).


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