Evan Schlomann

graphic designer



NASA logo redesign

I am attempting to design a new logo and rebrand for NASA. I like their logotype (featured below), but I do not feel that it connects at all with their seal. So my idea is to find a way to mearge the two. The illustrated logo (the blue seal) is very much tied to a specific time period for NASA ('60s and '70s), and the logotype seems much more familiar to their '80s activities. While I do like the logotype quite a bit, I would like to try something that connects more with a vision to the future, than a fond remembrance to the past.

Target Audience:

This could include a very wide range of people.

As far as age, it has to work for everyone from children to the elderly. Because it's a government agency, they probably have to be accountable to everyone.

Both genders as well.

Income is also fairly opened. Interest in NASA can range from someone with no money at all, to a contractor from a billion dollar company hired by them. 

That same range applies to education. NASA would inspire a child learn, and employ a rocket scientist.

Below are the spreads for my color swipes. I looked at a lot of places for colors that I thought worked with the agency. Right now the colors that they use are the basic american flag colors. I looked at sources that represented more than just that. There's a lot of space imagery. And I also looked at deep sea weird creatures, because they're basically aliens anyway.

Below are my Typography swipes. For the most part I was drawn to san-serif. 

These are my concept mood boards. I am continuing to look at type treatments in logo design. I did a lot of tight cropping and rotations to explore abstraction in letterforms. I am still looking at mostly science/science fiction designs. 

here are the sketches i've been working on. I tried going back and forth seeing how the logo would look as both horizontal, and vertical. Normally I don't like vertical type, but I'm considering the way the logos will work painted on the rockets. I am also thinking of the way that the original type logo connects the letters and trying to find new ways to show that.

I have also fleshed a couple out in illustrator to see how they'll look that way

below are my logo sketches and applications. I have used the vertical and horizontal arrangement when needed. My latest design is an abstraction and simplification of the letter forms, and the elements that make them up. 


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