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NASA - Pushing mankind forward

When we think of NASA we think of exploration, of progress, and intelligence. We look to them for their leadership in where we will go next. To not only explore but to lead us to the future where we begin to colonize the rest of space. 

So I focused on this concept for my logo and slogan. The slogan was inspired by Neil Armstrong's quote on the moon 

"That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."

For the styles I got inspiration from other logos from various space missions. For the color I wanted a blue because of the sky, red because it it is a color action, yellow to be used sparlingly to brighten up the logo. Here is my moodboard with a few of my sketches


The first sketch i made was supposed to be a container in the shape of a space craft. Currently the logo container is the sky. I really don't feel that the current NASA logo says anything other than "hey we are in space." The craft on the other hand is at least a method of transportation. But I ended up going with just using a small illustration of a craft to be added around the text logo, I thought it would be cool if I made the "S" to be the path of travel for the craft. I wanted to see what the logo would look like vertically, and that made me rethink the fonts to be used. 

When I actually took it to production, I got stuck with what to do with the "S."

as I wanted to leave it a bit of an open canvas like the instructor did with the "A" in art. 

I went ahead with a preliminary version to see how it would look on a shirt. But I was not happy at all with it. 


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