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Erik Bowen

Collaboration is key



N.E. Collaborative


New England Collaborative is a lifestyle brand with a message and focus on art. I'm working on creating this brand to follow my love for fashion t-shirts and art, and to make a brand that will develop with me through time.  

The Guts: 

New England Collaborative is a movement of likeminded people who strive to work together in order to progress. Whether that be working on a group art project, or forming ideas to inspire the future, the goal should always be to collaborate to move forward. Today we need to work with one another to form ideas from different prospectives; sharing each others energy and helping each other move is how we succeed. 

We are the creators in society; go let something happen..

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Business Commandement:  'Collaboration is a key to success' 

Success means a lot of different things to different people. If your goal is to make money or get fame or simply to make progress a positive direction, collaboration is your key. By working together we are stronger and more able to create with a foundation pulling from various blue prints that in turn will produce the highest quality structure. This is because all of our backgrounds are different which gift us with different ways of thinking/contributing ideas. Working on your own in a one track reality is something that people do, but will ultimately weigh you down with little nuances you may be unaware of. Just because you feel good about a project dosn't mean it is good. 'Good' comes from a broad understanding and a broad understanding can be gained through collaboration. 

Careful, because being too broad can be a negative thing. Coming at an idea with direction is excellent, as long as your direction is a well cultured/considered one. I've found that the easiest way to come upon a well considered idea is through a collaborative environment.  

Why are two minds better than one? 

With two or more minds working together, the bank of prior knowledge you have access to is imesurably valuable to ideas that will yeild results and ultimately progress/success. Its a given that hard work is always necessary if you wish to have action and results. I urge you to go collaborate and begin creating ideas that will benefit you and your community for this is how collaboration grows and becomes a part of all you do. 

Thanks for reading!

I will post updates as my brand progresses... 


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