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N.E. Collab

Hello, I've been super inspired lately to learn and get dirty with some graphic work. Ill jump right in:

I'm working on a logo for a company called FLOWERS. Where the idea behind the brand (in short) is to pay attention to the little details in life. Every grand scheme is made up of little events that bring meaning to ones life. So slow down and smell the flowers. On a more physical level, products will range from floral button ups with unique prints & detilas/5panels/shirts/enamel pins with slightly more 'mature' refined designs for people (unisex 20-30 yrs?) keeping it fresh. Here are some sketches.

First idea: Font, Placement, Colors

Second idea:

Issues? Similar art i've seen out there:

-I feel my flower logo doesn't reflect the aesthetic in mind. It needs to be a flower without being pussy
-Maybe it looks a little too cartoony..? Not sure.
-Can leaving vowels out of a name still work?
-If not, Other names include: Grand Scheme, Observer, Harmony, Notice, Gander

Ill post more process work as I progress.


Which sketches are standing out? 

Idea 3: Used a font I found for now. Ill scan and edit the best of the sketches to make it all original.

UPDATE: New direction 


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