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Anna Heath

Book Designer in London



N for The Night Guest

I'm designing the letter N for a book called The Night Guest. Its a book about vulnerability and desception, where a carer turns up at an old lady's house and tells her she's sent from the government to look after her, it gets pretty dark. You're never sure if the old lady has demetia or the carer has questionnable motivations. The old lady starts hearing a tiger bumbing about her house in the night and imagines a jungle growing up and about her living room. The tiger is a mechanism for the author to suggest the old lady's madness and her vulnerability when a stranger enters her house. I thought that would be a nice theme to explore in my drop cap.

My chosen sketch is quite an ornate N with a tiger tale (not whole body, she never sees the tiger) and decorative leaf-like jungle elements around it. I like the variance of thick and thin strokes to give it delicacy and vulnerability. 

Feedback would be great. Is it jungle enough?!


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