N.O.C.S Original Crawfish/Crab boil

N.O.C.S Original Crawfish/Crab boil - student project

Hello everyone, I'm Hyemi Oh  I'm so excied to working on label desgin!

I want to create a original crawfish boil product from my favoraite local resturant New Orleans Cajun Seafood (Orlando FL), a vietamese family own spot where I enjoy the original New Orleans cajun recipe seafood.

Owner's family moved to Orlando after Hurricane Katrina and It's been me and my sister's regular dinner place - such a seafood heaven! - YUMMM Spicy garlicly, buttery crawfish and blue crab is the best thing around the town.

They don't have their own merchandise at all although I can imagine someday they would come up with their original Crawfish, crab and shrimp boil product so I am making the label for original boil bag label.

hope you enjoy.


N.O.C.S Original Crawfish/Crab boil - image 1 - student project


I getherd some lettering and packaging insparations for few days :) checkout my pinterest board


N.O.C.S Original Crawfish/Crab boil - image 2 - student project

I'm drawn to use of negative space and mix of illustration with text.


I drafted some thumbnails idea and sketched this pretty quickly. ObviouslyI need to add bunch more elements but I ilke how it turn out so far.. nice contents around the big crawfish drawing. I want to wrap up with nice box shape and trace the sketch digitally soon.

N.O.C.S Original Crawfish/Crab boil - image 3 - student project

More progress to come!


N.O.C.S Original Crawfish/Crab boil - image 4 - student project

Finally fixed the scanner. yay I tried to draw big blue crab with different lettering.

I like how centered and on point. 


N.O.C.S Original Crawfish/Crab boil - image 5 - student project

lettering on crab's belly. more smoothing and twek todo! also need to draw entire image tonight :)


N.O.C.S Original Crawfish/Crab boil - image 6 - student project

I was working little by little every night for this week!

My experience with illustrator is very small so this was long learning process. made bunch of mistake, and read lots of tutorial articles to achieve exactly what I want it to be looked .

If you guys have any good lettering advice, let me know!


N.O.C.S Original Crawfish/Crab boil - image 7 - student project

thank you for all feedback and likes :)

Hyemi Oh

Designer. UI, Brand Identities & Type