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Ebbe Overbye

Graphic designer




What an inspiring class and Tom explains the process and techniques so well that I began to think I could pull this off.


I have chosen to pay tribute to a humble part of Copenhagen that I have known all my life. I live just outside the area and I pass through almost every day.


It has not got any of the icons of the inner city, but still there are some things that define it.


I do not know if it is fair to the Bronx to call it “Nørrebronx”. I suppose it is the elevated train tracks, the somewhat dilapidated buildings and the gangs that are the origin of this nickname.


I should add that the people are nice and friendly.


Here are some of my inky marks. The background is manipulated to get to curve shape.




I decided that the strokes of the secondary items did not work in the overall style so I made them of shapes instead.


I absolutely do not like my lettering and I avoid it as much as I can, but this time I had to try.


I did not manage to get hold of the speedball pen nip. So I had to find my way forward using the old ones I already had. That’s why the lamppost has a different stroke than most of the other drawings.




The process was nowhere as smooth as in the videos and I have ink spots and sheets of paper all over my room.

Right now I do not have a functioning printer. So I had to use a digital brush to  do the roads. Instead of messing with the brush settings I used the mouse for better control of the stroke. Unfortunately  it shows. It is a little stiff.


I did try several color combinations including some of the palettes in the project description. I ended up with three versions. I think the brown version is the most coherent and this is the one I have finished. The other two versions work too. Here is one of them.



Now I am stuck. I do not know if it is because I am done or because I have grown a little tired of it. Anyway here is my first map ever.



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