Mythical potions!

Mythical potions! - student project

Mythical potions! - image 1 - student projectThis was a really fun project to work on; I found the theme of bottles of potions really inspiring so I wondered what the theme of my potions should be. After doodling a few sketches, I arrived at the theme of potions inspired by mythological characters. I've steadily been creating these over the course of the last few weeks - still very much an Illustrator novice.

Execution-wise, this project helped me get A LOT more comfortable using the pencil tool together with my Wacom tablet. As others have said, I also initially struggled to let go of the more rigid 'perfect' shapes but by the end I was mixing and matching these shapes with wonky hand-drawn things, and I really like the end-result.

I created each bottle with its own background/colour scheme but I tried to harmonise their colours a little to present them 'on the shelves' in this image - I think they still retained their original identity fairly well though.


Thanks for the great class and great inspiration!