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Mythical Whale

I've been feeling nautical lately and have become intregued by whales and the sea. There's something about them that's quite mythical which I'd like to explore in this project.

I collected some images on Pintrest. See them here


Concept 1:
Incorporate a lot of details within the scene. Either to the whale itself or within a container. 

Concept 2 :
Whale as island (Greek Myth, amongst others) 

They are often portrayed as evil, a behemoth, crazy powerful, and unpredictable.  So I thought it would be most interesting to hint at the whale's presence through the sea itself and negative space created through the ocean while creating a dark scene. 

Concept 3:


After contemplation and people's comments, I still like concept three the most because it allows for the most oppurtunity (I think) to integrate photoshop into it. With concept 2, I was worried that it could come off rather flat. I started off with a more detailed pencil sketch as an introduction to the animal.

Inclusion of water lines. I am anticipating once I color it to blend the whale in even more. I want to emphasize the turbulance of the ocean and the unknown beast in the sea.


I've finally gotten around to finish this project! I added some more lines and worked to create watercolor samples in incorporate into the drawing. It's definitely not what I had in mind when I started it, but I dig the results

Black and White Version:

Version 1: 
Drawing with watercolor and Lines

Version 2:
No Lines 

Version 3:
Reversed Watercolor only
(my favorite)


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