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Rita Viana

Graphic + Web Designer



Mystik Spiral - Trent Lane

All my favorite musicians in real life don't play any instrument so I was thinking about not-real bands and I remember how I used to love Trent from Daria Tv SHow. 

I really like this class and this is a great opportunity to put myself back in animation, as I used to use Flash and Adobe decided to not support it anymore. Thank you for the class, I'll do my best to finish it! 



OMG!! I love this project! I had so many struggles with AE for years. Mine is CS5, so I had to find another way to make the gif, I use a mov to gif online converter because my photoshop doesn't open videos (sad).

I can't believe I finished. Thank you so much for teach this class! Amazing, really, really amazing!!

Have a great day!!



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