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Mysticism and Nature

Exercise 1

The theme I started out with is Mysticism and Nature. Whatever project im working on I seem to look back to this kind of subject matter. I am drawn to notions of the cosmos, looking at the tiniest detail to the grand scale of the universe. I am intrigued by the subconscious and our place amongst other creatures and livng things. I also love the summer and flowers, especially palm tree leaves and poppies.

I think that as this projects progresses i would like to end up with a pattern that contrasts strong bright colours with geometric shapes and natural forms. A loose and free pattern that expresses a kind of journey of wonder.

The key words I have drawn on are:

Symbols | Subatomic | Infinity | Birth of stars | constellation | crystals | formations | creatures, anmials | balance | wonder

For Exercise 2 I used pinterest (as an avid user of pinterest i find it a wonderful source of inspiration!) - a sample of my board can be seen here:

Some of the key things I found were:

ANIMALS - Particularily focusing on good silhouettes

CRYSTAL FORMATIONS - Looking at the geometry and different planes

LINE DRAWINGS / LAYOUT - how shapes are used together to form images

Exercise 3

Here are the rough sketches and doodles I made using my visual research:



A selection of my video tutorial experiments (they arent pretty!):



Designing my motif





Making the repeats

Method 1 - Square

Method 2 - Square

Method 3 square (a couple of errors in this one ... but not too bad! )


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