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Mystical Tribes mock up by @alextilalila

Hi everyone! thanks so much Agnieszka for this amazing class. I really enjoyed all the steps by steps to create my own mock up in PS. It is a useful class and can't wait to try it with new pictures and see how my work looks on "real products"  ;))


I've choose the last repeating pattern that I designed this week at Make it in Design Summer School. I've called it "mystical tribes mandalas" and it is a great feeling to see it on a sweater.


Here is my design:



I've been searching for few mock ups to use on this project at and I found lovely photos on their site. Finally I decide to use this one by NordWood:





I had so much fun working on it!!

I would like to share with you another mock up that I created using PS (I am so excited about using Ps because I am an Ai lady LOL). I downloaded the photo from Make it In Design summer school materials. Nice to see the same design as a wall paper. It looks so cool!!




thanks for reading!


You can find me on Instagram as @alextilalila where I share my work! Can't wait to meet you there


Alex ;))

Alexandra Bordallo

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