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Mystic Mona Lisa

   The legend is her enigmatic smile, but it is her eyes that watch, bemused by the artist's antics.

The Mona Lisa is believed to have been finished in 1517.  Today, October 4, 2013, Leonardo da Vinci's painting of the mysterious Mona Lisa made headlines somewhere in the world.  How do I know this?  I watch for all news related to this iconic painting.  Scholarship, connoissership, hidden code hunters, imitators, parodies --  five hundred years and she is still a news worthy celebrity.

I have a collection of Mona Lisa memorabilia and frequently explore the internet for some minor ML trinket I can add to my collection.  While using Flipboard, I realized I could curate articles related to ML interests and expand my collection virtually.

My first article was on a haunted house art gallery for children, even young children are familiar with her image.  Are we all culturally imprinted by the Mona Lisa?

     After his article I learned to flip from Safari and Google and then edit the sequence with  

My latest article is on a lost Leonardo of a noblewoman in profile.  Doesn't she look like ML?  Don't think it looks like a Leonardo, though.  The chase is on...



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