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Mystic Mayhem

“Mystic Mayhem strives to create one-of-a-kind and unique fashions, and to promote the DIY lifestyle by providing the tools to empower, educate, and inspire our customers to become their own designer.”


Most of the items in my shop are hand made DIY denim vests and jackets. Although ideally I would have models wearing them, it’s been difficult as a small business with little to no budget to find consistent help with modeling my clothing. Once a year i’ll have help shooting a look book, and I can take advantage of having a professional photographer photograph a model wearing each item, but my stock circulates often with new pieces being made each month. 

As of now I take photos of each item and subtract the background to make it white. I’ve thought about adding prints, patterns, or color to the background but after creating some mockups of this the website started to look very busy and a little too crazy. But right now the items feel a little strange almost like they’re floating in space with no context around them. I’m sure having models wearing them would help with this, which is something i’ll work towards prioritizing in the future.

Im torn because i’m usually so drawn towards bright photos, and I much prefer seeing my items photographed on brightly colored backgrounds with accessories around them but worry it is too overwhelming for the website.






Although I have other photos I prefer to use as my profile picture, i’ve used this photo for my “About Me” sections as it is the perfect embodiment of my brand. In the about me I go on about my struggle defining myself and my style, part of me attracted to bright neon colors and the other part to all black. This photo is a literal representation of that, me wearing all black in front of a neon pop culture mural.



After my successful rebranding, I recently created new brand collateral including hang tags which include care instructions and spare pieces for each vest, packaging for smaller items like pins and buttons, and thank you cards to send which each order which include a coupon for future sales.

I’ve taken advantage of and a lot of the templates they offer. At first I felt guilty as a designer, this is something that I should be able to provide and create from scratch. But i’m often stretched so thin and sometimes an hour of my time isn’t worth it, when there is already an excellent option available for only a few bucks. I’m learning to “work smarter, not harder” and how to prioritize my time. I’d rather dedicate my creative energy creating original designs for merchandise than for smaller things like branding templates.






Although I don’t care to send out business cards with my personal information on them as of yet (I will when I start working with wholesalers and whatnot), I do give away promotional stickers with my website and Instagram information stamped on the back.



Although a constant work in progress, you can check out the latest version of my website and store at :





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