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Mystic Mayhem Redesign

I've struggled with my logo (and name) since day one when I first started my small creative business almost 3 years ago. As a designer its been easy to help others brand their business, but when it comes to your own personal project you tend to get drawn into every detail and it never feels perfect. I never thought i'd see the day, but I had the become my own client from hell!

It was great to see Faye's perspecive when branding for your own creative business, and I decided to wrap up my months long redesign (the third redesign of my logo already...) Part one helped me specify my target market which helped me pick a final direction. Im excited to have FINALLY decided on something so I can move onto part three and start collecting collateral like hang tags, cards, packaging, etc. and tie it in with the final website resdesign.

You can view my website here (although im considering purchaisng a shorter domain name)



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