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Mystery Forest characters

Hello and welcome classmates :)

Here is my first upload for this class. And I must say - it was pretty tough for me to come up with an idea for the theme.... And I ended up in trying to create some creatures for one of CGHUB's challanges - Natives of a Lifeless Forest - and then I kind'a went for a slightly different subject.

It's relly challenging for me to draw those silhouettes cause I got so used to do a lineart-sketch and after that I would add value etc... so yeah... this is something completely new for me and I must say that it's tough...

Anyways - theese are my first thumbs - I'd love to hear your thoughts on them :)


Edit: did some more thumbnails..... and I thik it's time to move to stage 2 :) but what are your thoughts? I'd really like to know what you guys think :)

Stage 1 Complete


So here's another step... I had to redo it twice... cause my soft crashed

I'd love to hear your thoughts guys


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