Mysterious attitude...

Mysterious attitude... - student project

It was November 2015 as I remember, when one morning a big smile and two big blue eyes appeared at the small window saying with a friendly tone in her voice: " Hello! ". The long blonde hair caught in a tail was covered under a white red basque and the work suit also in white with red stripes covers her round shapes of the body. Let' s name her Jane. She was a young girl whom you didn' t give her more than 30 th, Jane having in reality almost 36 years.

Jane worked in a pastry store.  She was like ants with her face now at the small window at under 5 degrees outside and now at the oven with pastry which had 360 degrees inside. Her work was in shifts. Shifts that were from the 6:30 AM till 14:30 PM and from the afternoon till left at night. In the center, on the main boulevard, Jane was selling cheap bagels and fresh pastry alone, her colleagues being busy with their production. From a simply pie dough, with many secret recipes, Jane' s colleagues prepared the pastry with passion. The smell, look, and taste of pastry attracts simple people everyday. Jane' s speed of counting money, of not forgetting to ask the clients if they want something more with her mysterious smile, made them pleased. She had learned for the loyal clients the favorite pastry and the hours between they were coming to buy those in their free time. She was working with such ease that you couldn' t believe that everything was overwhelming. Overwhelming but content for her!  Small talk with some clients were her favorite part of the day. A small talk that she remembered once was between her and a women client. The women came and ordered at the small window but she made a spelling mistake:

- I' m blonde! You can see!  she exclaimed troubled after.

- I' m blonde too! But we are both dyed on hair so it doesn' t matter!  Jane answered with a warm tone in her voice.

- You' ve made my evening beautiful! the women said and she left happy with her pastry.

In her loneliness time, without her colleagues at the pastry store, she always took a book in the evening and read something to keep her going with optimism in front of the clients.

With fine wrinkles, she always rememberd to say:

- A nice day! or

- Have a good weekend! on friday to the clients that were coming to buy something tasty.