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Naomi Dudas

writer | designer | photographer | musician



Mysterious Individual

Malika Favre is one of my favorite illustrators. She is passionate about getting to the essence of her stories through clean cuts, bold colors, and simple, geometric shapes. So it's irnoic that she can tell a story using so little while I love telling stories with as much possible. I love details but I love simplicity too and minimalism is growing on me. Naturally, I chose to (try) to replicate one of her illustrations for Vogue. This one stood out to me particulary because the eyes were not shown which is the feature that most defines an individual when looking at it from a physical point of view so the illustration gives off a certain kind of mystery. I didn't capture my work evolution unfortunately but it was quite hard in some areas where lines and curves wouldn't match up exactly and only a sliver of white was left in between. Overall I was surprised at how relaxing I found this. 


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